Company overview

Company: DY (Dae-yong)

CEO: Hong pil - Eo 

Contact: Tel. +82 55-346-4097

          Mobile. +82 10-4688-7340 

          Fax. +82 55-342-4651


Business: manufacturing

Service: Spare part of car, airplane, machine. Jig, and so on.

MCT, CNC, Milling, Lathe.


1990.03: Established DY at ParYoung-dong in Chang won.

2000.04: Made Evergreen's wet towel package.  

2000.07: Manufactured Mechanical parts of Myeong-Sung industry (LG automated machine part. 

2002.11: Manufactured the Solar panels of Tae-Yang generation of electricity.

2003.08~Now: Manufacturing air plane Titanium Mechanical parts of Eun-Yoo aerospace (door,wing,body).

2004.02: Manufactured mortars Mechanical parts of defense industry of EM Korea.

2005.06: Manufactured Mechanical parts of a plant of International plant.

2006.12~Now: Manufacturing Mechanical parts of Dae-won Kang up.

2012.03: (Patent 1001182002) Made the Air crane which made by DY

2014.10: Moved DY to 191-1 Hagye-ro, Jinyeon-eup, Gimhae-si 

2015.01~Now: Manufacturing air plane Aluminum Mechanical parts of Eun-Yoo aerospace

2017.12: Manufacturing Flange car spare parts of Se-Yoong